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Bulgaria is stuffed full of vegetable plots and orchards, fresh fruit and vegetables are half the secret of Bulgarian food. In the villages almost all of the food comes straight from the land and is organic or free range.

With around 40 Mehanas, hotel restaurants and street cafés, there are a wide range of places to eat within a few minutes walking distance of the apartment. All Mehanas serve traditional Bulgarian cuisine and a selection of house wines. Many of the wines are made in the Mehana, and will come straight from the barrel.

Some of our favourites are the Italian restaurant situated behind the five star Kempinski hotel opposite the gondola station, the Bansko Mehana on the main street (Pirin) heading down towards the square and Café Blonde near the apartment for breakfast. Probably representing the best value for money when it comes to eating out in Bansko. A 3 course meal with wine in any of the Mehanas can cost as little as £6.

Bansko fresh ruit and vegetablesBansko foodBansko Mehana


Throughout the town you will find lots of street kiosks serving coffees, soft drinks and basic snack food. 10 minutes walk from the apartment is the town square, a popular meeting place for both locals and tourists. The square is lined with street café’s serving both imported beers as well as the high quality local brews. There is always a wide selection of wines and spirits available. On a Sunday, the square comes to life as the street market attracts hundreds of locals and tourists to the square to socialise, have a drink and soak up the atmosphere.

Evening drinking tends to take place in the Mehanas where you are not expected to dine, but are more than welcome to stay the night, drink and enjoy the entertainment. Most menus offer light snacks, cheese boards and a selection of cured meats. We have been told that most Mehanas will remain open until the last person leaves. Although we haven't tested this (yet!).

The Happy end bar opposite the gondola station and 5 minutes from the apartment is usually the first stop for skiers and snowboarders when they come off the slopes. All Mehanas and restaurants serve the usual European beers, as well as the local brews. The most popular (and personally recommended) is Kamenitza or Zagorka. A pint bottle of Zagorka in one of the traditional Mehanas will cost you around 1.5 Leva (about 50p)

Bulgaria has for a long time been a supplier of full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot wines to Europe. Inside Bulgaria, there is an even wider variety of wines on offer. Some of the most popular reds are the mellow Melnik and Gumza; rich, dark Mavrud; and the smooth strawberry-flavoured Haskovski Merlot. There are also plenty of white and rose wines available, although I have not yet tried them. But if the reds are anything to go by, then you won’t be disappointed. A reasonable bottle of red wine will cost around 10 Leva (about £3.50)

The usual spirits can be found in every bar and Mehana. Here, you will find everything from local and imported Russian vodkas to Irish whiskey. You could always try the local spirit called Rakiya. A very potent spirit, usually taken neat, or with a glass of juice to one side to put out the fire. One point to note is that the normal Bulgarian measure is 5cl (roughly equivalent to a British double).


At the end of the day, for a truly happy ending, the Happy End restaurant by the Gondola base station turns into a night club whose lively atmosphere is only rivalled by the Amnesia club in the centre of town. Other clubs, such as the Night Club in hotel Pirin, the Karaoke Bar in hotel Bansko, the Buddha Bar club and Club No Name, add up a modern flavour to this town. Club no name on the Tsar Simeon costs 3 Leva entrance fee (about £1) and opens from 10pm right through to 4am in the morning.

Bansko nightclubBansko nightlifeBansko bar


Bansko has two Casinos, both within 5 minutes walk of the apartment. Here you can play all of the usual one-arm bandits, roulette, blackjack, poker etc. The Gold club is on your right hand side as you head down Pirin towards the town square. The other is beside the Strazhite hotel and ten-pin bowling.

Ten-pin bowling

The ten pin bowling complex also provides various arcade machines, pool tables, a café and bar. Ideal for families and those still suffering from the night before. It is situated next to the Strazhite hotel on the main road (Glazne) coming into Bansko and about 5 minutes walk from the apartment.

Late night shopping

For those not content with shopping during the day, you can continue late into the evening, with most shops staying open until around 8pm. You may find that some of the shops close for siesta between 12pm and 3pm. Heading from the apartment down Pirin street, you will pass a varied mix of street cafés, Mehanas, restaurants and many small family run shops selling everything from clothes to furniture, ornaments, souvenirs and of course ski and snow boarding shops, including an official Burton outlet. We found that most of them offer discounts on multiple purchases and sales of up to 50% on boards, skis and equipment are common out of the ski season.

Evening entertainment

During the last World Cup, many tourists and locals gathered in the town square to sit back and relax with a beer while watching the matches on a large screen erected in the town square. The square is also host to various concerts and entertainment through-out the year, including the annual Bansko Jazz festival in August and the Easter Sunday celebrations.

Nightly entertainment can be found in many of the Mehanas and usually consists of live traditional Bulgarian music and dance creating a real party atmosphere. Don’t worry, participation isn’t compulsory, but after a few rakiyas, you will find it hard to resist.

Bansko casinoBowling in BanskoBulgarian dancing

Pub Addresses in Bansko

Babugera **
9, Yane Sandanski Street
seats: 40
Baj Koce
1, Welyan Ognev Street
phone:+359 (749) 82631
phone:+359 88 8 55 60 41
+359 88 8 58 11 94
seats: 98
48, Knyaz Boris Street
phone:+359 (749) 85098
Bansko **
50, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 84237
+359 89 863 99 80
+359 88 826 94 66
seats: 50
Baryakovata Tavern **
3, Welyan Ognev Street
phone:+359 (749) 84482
:+359 48 985250
seats: 54
19, 5-ti Oktomvri Street
phone: +359 98 642 689
seats: 35
44, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 82 672
+359 898 535 222
77, Pirin Street
4, Vazrazhdane Square
phone: +359 (7443) 8080
Manager: Mrs S. Nikolova
mobile: +359 88 820 46 20
Chorbadzhi Georgi /Mira Hotel/
99, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 83705
Dedo Dzhonkata **
82, Pirin Street
seats: 60
Dedo Pene **
1, Al. Buinov Street
fax:phone:+359 (749) 82223
phone:+359 (749) 88348
+359 48 840386
+359 88 8 795970
Durchova Kashta
5, P. R. Slawejkow Street
phone:+359 (749) 85027, 85042
+359 48 930530
Erinina Tavern
5, Goce Delchew Street
phone:+359 (749) 85055
Hashove **
90 A, Pirin Street
phone:+359 48 921595
seats: 40
Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 83603
Kapiziina Kashta **
1, Hristo Matow Street
seats: 50
Kafe-sladkarnica 160
53, Tsar Simeon Street
seats: 20
Lovna Sreshta **
29, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 82746
seats: 50
Mamin Kolio
8, Bulgaria Street
seats: 35
10, Yulen Street
phone:+359 (749) 82510
Molerovata Kashta **
7, Todor Aleksandrov Street
phone:+359 (749) 821 46
+359 48 844 944
+359 88 8 844 944
+359 98 844 944
seats: 50
Momini Dvori
2, Nikola Vaptsarov Sq.
phone:+359 (749) 88076
+359 88 6 000 229
seats: 120
Morsko Dano
Vazrazhdane Sq.
phone:+359 (749) 82333
seats: 100
Mura **
28, Bulgaria Street
seats: 28
Obetsanovata Kashta
Wyzravdane Sq.
phone:+359 (749) 82236
9, Nikola Wapcarow Street
phone:+359 (749) 84814
+359 48 850666

Palunkina Tavern
47, Radon Todev Street
seats: 30

27, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 84715
Pitsina Krachma
18, Neofit Rilski Street
phone: Mitko +359 (88) 703 83 19
Nadia +359 (89) 863 45 14
Poptodorowa mehana
Dimitar Talev Street
phone:+359 (749) 84036
Sharkovata Kashta
26, 5 Oktomvri Street
phone:+359 (749) 85024
26, Bulgaria Street
phone:+359 (749) 82311
Sirleshtova Tavern
12, Yane Sandanski Street
phone:+359 (749) 84668, 84854, 83132
seats: 50
Todevata Kashta
7, Neofit Rilski Street
phone:+359 (749) 84922, 84342
Usta Gligor
2, Usta Gligora Street
phone:+359 (749) 82757, 82714
Vakanova Kashta **
4, Pirin Street
seats: 42
Valevitsata Tavern
75, Glazne Street
phone: +359 (749) 84598
(088) 844 9114
20, Pirin Street
seats: 30
Veziuva Tavern /Chanovete/
79, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 83703
1, Hristo Botev Street
phone:+359 (749) 84019
+359 888 551110
5, Ivan Vazov Street
phone:+359 (749) 85015
seats: 60
Zagorchina Tavern
44, Neofit Rilski Street
phone:+359 (749) 84503
Zehtindzhievata Kashta **
11, Georgi Kowachew Street
phone:+359 (749) 88480
seats: 75
Zlatevata Kashta
77, Glazne Street
phone:+359 (749) 84598

Restaurant Addresses in bansko

14, Pirin Street
Beli Noshti
1, Yane Sandanski Street
phone:+359 (749) 85088
Pirin Street
Chinese Restaurant
11, Simeon Molerov Street
seats: 20
1, Stefan Stambolov Street
phone:+359 (749) 83366
17, Stefan Stambolov Street
phone:+359 (749) 82416
54, Tsar Simeon Street
phone:+359 (749) 82250, 83568
31, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 84635
Motikata **
Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 83067
seats: 35
2, Predel Street
phone:+359 (749) 85555

Pizza Addresses in bansko

Georgeo **
14, Ohrid Street
phone:+359 (749) 82948
seats: 20
1р Hristo Botev Street
phone:+359 (749) 82456


Eldorado /bistro/
15р Otets Paisii Street
phone:+359 (749) 82782
+359 48 836983
Kafe-sladkarnitsa 160
53, Tsar Simeon Street
phone:+359 (749) 82143
Pirinska Mura
Bulgaria Street
seats: 46
phone:+359 (749) 82576, 83476
Shiligarnika Area
seats: 25
Steak House
phone:+359 (749) 82416, 82404

Night Clubs Addresses in bansko

2, Kiril i Metodii Street
seats: 20
12, Shipka Street
phone:+359 (749) 83306
Marshal Tolbuhin Street
seats: 20
56, Tsar Simeon Street
seats: 40
36, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 84245
29, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 84078
1, Hristo Chernopeev Street
phone:+359 88 8 594279
No Name
Tsar Simeon Street
phone:+359 (749) 84251
Vazrazhdane Sq.
seats: 45
Tumbevata Kashta
7, Pirin Street
phone:+359 (749) 85187, 85185
seats: 50
Nikola Vaptsarov Sq.
phone:+359 (749) 82654, 82653
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